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Passion + Drive: Behind the Scenes with Nick and Cheryl Freitag

Husband and wife, Nick and Cheryl Freitag, have put in the sweat equity to build a strong foundation for both their business and their marriage. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the owners of Niche Artisan Homes!

Where it all began

Nick and Cheryl Freitag, owners of Niche Artisan Homes, both had career aspirations to serve the Mankato community by building homes long before they ever met. Growing up in the building industry, Nick found his passion at a young age, and worked diligently to learn the skills necessary to build high-quality homes. Similarly, Cheryl’s childhood dream was to develop land. “We’ve gotten to where we are today with a lot of prayer and a diligent pursuit of achieving our professional dreams,” Cheryl stated.

The Freitag’s 101

It takes just one minute after meeting Nick and Cheryl to feel the professionalism, passion and true thoughtfulness that these two emulate with their subcontractors, clients, and connections in the community. Here’s an inside look at their lives as husband and wife, business partners, and parents.

Question: In regards to the business you’ve built together, what are you proudest of?

Cheryl: More than anything, I’m proud of the reputation and sense of integrity that we’ve established in regards to design, quality, and overall customer satisfaction.

Nick: I take pride in providing quality built, efficient homes at a great value in the Mankato community.

Question: What has been one of the biggest challenges in running your business?

Cheryl: Without question, balancing our careers with family and personal time has been the biggest obstacle for me. When you love what you do, it’s hard to “turn it off!”

Nick: We started our construction company in the housing downturn and economic recession, so it took an immense amount of work to build a successful company that can truly sustain any economic environment.

Question: Okay, we’re all wondering. Tell us what it’s like working with your spouse.

Cheryl: I consider it a blessing for sure! I wouldn’t have it any other way. While not always “ice cream & cotton candy,” we complement each other wonderfully and have a blast working together!

Nick: Amazing. :)

Question: What’s your favorite thing to do as a family in the Mankato area?

Nick & Cheryl: Besides our love for working together in the community to build neighborhoods, we also love spending time with our daughter, Jaiden, shopping at locally-owned stores, eating out at all of the amazing restaurants in town, and visiting Sibley Park.

Question: Describe something – outside of work – that the two of you are extremely passionate about.

Nick & Cheryl: We are deeply passionate about serving as missionaries in Haiti. We spent our wedding honeymoon together there! We’ve been able to help build a 300-student school, and just helped finish a church in a remote Haitian location.

Question: What is one piece of advice that you’d give someone who is currently in the market for purchasing a home?

Cheryl: Be prayer-led during your search for a home that is perfect in every way for you and your family. Consider design, budget, and neighborhood when making your decision.

Nick: Be mindful of your budget so you and your family aren’t “house-broke” in your new home. Find something that you can comfortably afford and that meets the needs of your family.

So, what’s next for this power couple? “Our goal is to continue to build a strong brand that’s associated with building quality craftsman artisan homes along with beautiful neighborhoods in the Mankato community… all while having a blast doing it! We really want to continue placing an emphasis on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, our subcontractors, and community leaders. And, more than anything, we hope to maintain our reputation for having superior customer service.”

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